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Life versus the society

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"…What matters to us and what doesn't matter to us. Like some people really spend a whole lot of time talking about stuff that they know don't matter to them. For instance, this one person was talking about black lives and how it matters to them, but they really didn't because of the whole other aspect. It was just a hashtag and just a fad to them. We found out. But that's the type of fake crap right there that I'm talking about. Who does that?…"

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Deborah Pardes

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"…Hey, I agree with everything you just said, every single word, really. It wasn't a rant. It was like a prayer into the day. It's what you are, it's how you feel. And it's contagious. And it's so positive, sedative. And it's so full of self worth. And I'm glad it's amplified here and just was great to listen. Thank you. Bye.…"

Thank you !

Life versus the society

@Joylove · 2yr ago · 4:49


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