Brandy J Singleton

@Joylove·2yr ago·4:34

What Are Questions you would ask on a first date? Be judgement..just sharing different types of thinking.

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"…So as long as you know what I mean, you asked me because you could ask somebody something in a way where it's not as seen. It's all about delivery. But what I'm interested in knowing what are the things that you would ask by in the first date? If you're serious about dating? And do you think that there are still things you hold back as if, like, a kiss or something?…"

Let’s talk date questions


Dewuan .

@FryedOreo · 2yr ago · 4:06

"…I mean, I'm getting to know the person, but there's not a series of set questions I have that I want to know right away. There's nothing, really. Most of what I need to know is on a profile. You're single. You're looking. You thought I look good. I think you look good. I don't really need to know much else. I guess we can just find that out just to natural conversation.…"

I’m more of a disclaimer type of guy.

Brandy J Singleton

@Joylove · 2yr ago · 5:00

"…If I'm going somewhere, I'm going to go on a date, I'm going to make sure that I have a good time because I'm in a good mood, and I'm open to doing this, then let's have a good time asking these questions. Let's make it fun. That's me. I'm all about the positive energy because the energy you bring could help. You know what I mean? The other person isn't comfortable, and that could have changed the situation.…"



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