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Texas Needs Us !When Are The People Going To Come Together?

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"…There comes a point in our lives in this very life that we all must step forward and put something towards it, not just self, because for this simple fact, that's what empathy shows. That's what true empathy shows, because we all come to a point in our life where we need help. Right? And so what will someone do? They'll help? Hopefully, a lot of people don't get help. But for the most part, that's what needed.…"


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"…Thank you so much for this joy love. I responded to this and realized I used the wrong account to respond. So I'm responding again, going to try to say to say the same thing that I said before. But you're right. You're so totally right. And there's been so many jokes spread about Texans, what Texans are facing right now with the snow and with the cold temperatures, the record breaking cold temperatures, making fun of them for not knowing how to deal with them.…"

Brandy J Singleton

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"…They just think they're over there having a cold winter, a storm, and they weren't prepared. But it's not that it's prepared that they're not used to it. It's kind of really inhumane from all the things that these people are showing trying to get to showing us, which, by the way, their Mayor, whomever that he is, he's an a** because he out of his mouth, even kind of Trump.…"


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Brandy J Singleton

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"…But I just stumbled upon I was trying to answer that question about how we got that day voting day, and I found it. But then I found out also that Idaho, they decided not to do it around the time that was being done this year because of the crops. And then the Hurricane came.…"



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