Brandy J Singleton

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Heart πŸ’”


"…But then I look at it as if I hold on to that. Isn't that more pain? Am I not allowing myself to heal? I don't think that taking our bad experiences and deciding not to try again is a very courageous way to go. Because if it hurts so much, then that means you loved so much and to not have loved at all or to have been loved and not have been loved at all.…"

Don't give up on such an amazing thing between twoΒ people.


Liora H

@lioraΒ Β·Β 2yr agoΒ Β·Β 2:41

"…I don't know if you can always come back from that. I think it depends on the situation and the person and what took place or what is taking place, because I think there are certain things that don't deserve a second chance in a relationship. That being said at the end of the day. I think the people in the relationship know best how to proceed, at least in most cases.…"

Heart πŸ’”

@JoyloveΒ Β·Β 2yr agoΒ Β·Β 2:59


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