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Debora Grandison


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I'm super excited about moving forward as I recently published my first book of inspirational poetry and prayer, His Poetry, her story, and I'm looking forward to creating more and sharing more and I certainly look forward to hearing your creations more in this community. Thank you again so much. I want to close this month with a piece from my book and this piece is called Your Voice Makes You Victorious. Speak success into existence proclaim wisdom in all that you think or do

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Deborah Pardes
@DBPardes · 0:27


Let our thoughts and words move us in the right direction. That's beautiful. And I agree. And we have thoughts and words shared here daily, and it's a great sort of reminder of the power of our thoughts and words. And I really appreciate yours. Thank you so much for topping off this beautiful month of sharing. And I know poetry lives here forever. Aren't we lucky? Thanks for the fight, and I'm really happy to have heard this this morning
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