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Jonathan Gossett

 · 1yr ago · 1:53

Who’s your favorite live-action superhero?

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"…And I know Tony Stark is no longer alive, but other like him, but she's gone through a lot in a short amount of time and I know she's going to be kind of a villain in the next movie, possibly. But she hopefully will have a redemption arc, I believe. But she's definitely my favorite when it comes to DC. One woman, big fan of hers, but yeah. So what is your favorite superhero? Let me know in your replies. Thank you.…"

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@paolomcm · 1yr ago · 0:38

"…So I would have to say Storm would probably be whos, whos, whos, whos, whos, whos, whos, whos, whos, whos, whos, whos, whos, whos, whos, whos, whos, whos, whos, whos, whos, whos, whos, whos your favorite liveaction superhero? Upcoming X Men movies.…"


Darrisha Daniel

@Dee94 · 1yr ago · 1:23

"…This is really hard to say, but I'm gonna go ahead and just choose wonder woman. That's probably my favorite superhero, hands down. I think she's so stands for a lot of the things that I try to embody in my life, so that's one reason I would choose her over everyone else. Yeah. But the main thing is the lasso truth. I really love that idea, and the truth is hard to get to sometimes, so you got to use reinforcements.…"

Tim Gossett

@tgossett1 · 1yr ago · 1:09

"…I know that character has been portrayed by different people and in different contexts around different storylines, but I've always thought that number one, the character, whenever there's any type of action involved, the effects are just mind boggling, which makes me like that character a time. But secondly, it was the story of those two being brother and sister and the camaraderie and it was them versus the world.…"

Taylor J

@Taylor · 1yr ago · 1:08

"…Also, I do think the original Xmen franchise in general just got a lot right. Their casting of Magneto was spot on. Their casting of Professor X was spot on. Outside of that, I loved Blade when I was growing up. Wesley Snipes Blade I know Mahershala Ali was cast as Blade for the MCU, but that original one will always hold a very special place in my heart.…"



@AFreeMass · 1yr ago · 0:19

"…Hands down. Deadpool. I like Ryan Reynolds, but Deadpool has got the perfect blend of confidence, action. He's also like the anti hero, but not really an antihero. The sarcasm, everything. Like, I love Deadpool.…"


@paolomcm · 1yr ago · 0:54


"…Hey Taylor, I definitely agree with you on the casting of Wesley Snipes as Blade and the casting of the original Xmen movies. I like that literally just captures my a whole entire childhood like me just watching those movies with my parents. But I feel like that's probably why how Barry as Storm was my favorite was because I feel like she embodied Storm so perfectly. Like when I read the comics I couldn't imagine anyone else being stormed Besides Halberry, especially during the early 2000 era.…"


Katie Callahan

@katiecal · 1yr ago · 1:31

"…So I love Batman. He's one of my favorites. I especially love the Christian Bale Batman. I don't know, something about, like, the brooding and, like, the, you know, kind of dark and mysterious thing is, like, really cool, I think. And I loved Christia Bale as Batman. Hated Beta luck, but I loved Christian Bale as Batman.…"


Naina 🏳️‍🌈

@chipotle69 · 1yr ago · 0:40

@JonathanGossett #sayitonswell

"…Hello. So whos, whos whos whos your favorite liveaction superhero? Always been a huge fan of Spiderman ever since I was a kid, and no Way Home was a great movie. I really loved it. And I think Toby Maguire and Andrew Garfield Spiderman were also amazing. So, yeah, I grew up reading the comics and watching the TV show Ultimate Spiderman on Disney XD. So always really been a fan of Spiderman, and I always will be. Let's go.…"

Imari Roque

@imarialyssa · 1yr ago · 1:05

"…I feel like whos whos whos whos your favorite liveaction superhero? I think that a lot of the MCU casting has gone really successfully, and I'm really happy about that. I mean, Besides America Chavez, but that's a conversation for another time. But Tony Stark, I think, was perfectly cast. I feel like when I think about Iron Man, a picture of Robert Downey Jr. Pops into my head, which is a hard feat, considering these are comic book characters.…"

Samosa Consumer

@InigyoMontoya · 1yr ago · 1:43

You didn't expect my pick.

"…The one in the past, not the one in the future, because he sees a bit of a conundrum. So the Time Force Red Ranger was so very balanced and didn't conflict at all with the other darker red Quantum Ranger. And he basically carried the show, whatever kind of love story or whatever is just beautiful. And it's really the centerpiece of his character is the centerpiece of Time Force.…"

vibaa r

@vi.raghu · 10mo ago · 1:21

"…Mine is definitely something a little bit more basic. But I feel like my favorite live action superhero is definitely spiderman. And specifically, honestly, all the spiderman's especially. But, like, the tom holland one is definitely up there for me. And, like, the top, I believe. And I don't know, it just provides me so much comfort. I feel like I've grown up watching those in a sense. And by those, I mean just all the spider man movies.…"

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