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Johnson Peter

 · 1yr ago · 0:34

Sharing the Joy of Photography

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"…Hello, my name is Johnson Peter. I'm a photographer and the founder of Creative Nomad Design company. I build websites and digital contents for businesses. I worked in the It industry for ten years during which I stumbled upon photography and I fell in love with It. A couple of years later, I quit my job and set out to pursue it full time. I'm excited answering these questions about my today, about my journey as a photographer.…"

Answering these 5 questions, about my journey as a photographer. You can find my work at www.johnsonpeter.in


Johnson Peter

@johnsonpeter · 1yr ago · 2:02

What got me really interested in Photography?

"…And then during one of my trips with friends, I took this photo that you see, this is my friend's son, Sam. I took this photo and I looked at it and I liked it. So once I got back from the trip, I put it on my computer and saw that it was the moment of inspiration for me. I really loved it. The low key image. It was a very powerful image for me. So this was the starting point.…"


Johnson Peter

@johnsonpeter · 1yr ago · 1:49

What gear do you use and what is your favorite lens?

"…One is the Sigma 100 and 5600 telephoto lens. That is the most used lens for my wildlife photography. And of course I use 7300 lens for my wildlife photography. Then I have a 50 M Prime lens for portraits and the usual street photography and 1855 lens. Mostly I use it for landscape photography. So basically I'm a minimalist. So I do own these lenses but I usually rent out a lot of lenses as and when I need it for different purposes.…"


Johnson Peter

@johnsonpeter · 1yr ago · 2:20

What kind of subject do you enjoy shooting the most and why?

"…What kind of subjects do you enjoy shooting the most and why? I always enjoyed wildlife. I'm fascinated by wildlife from a very young age. I grew up watching a lot of national or graphic and discovery as a young boy. I'm always fascinated by wildlife. This one time when I was about twelve, maybe, me and my cousin, we went out in a swamp nearby searching for snakes. So I was really fascinated. I have some inspirations, one of which is Steve Irwin.…"


Johnson Peter

@johnsonpeter · 1yr ago · 1:56

Tell us the story behind your favorite picture.

"…It was a morning Safari and it was early. Around 07:00 a.m. We reached the meeting point at 645 and we just had a quick chat with the naturalist who was guiding us. So he said that the guards last night spotted a leopard near a temple. So we were excited and the driver took us quickly near the temple. We started looking for it and we couldn't find any. After a few minutes we saw the leopard going into a Bush. So we could just see his body but nothing else.…"


Swell Team

@Swell · now · 0:15

Johnson Peter

@johnsonpeter · 1yr ago · 1:59

What advice would you give to an amateur photographer wanting to get into the profession full time?

"…There is a common saying the best camera is the one that you have right now. So don't stop taking photos because you don't have a special lens or any fancy gadgets. You can make up for that shortcoming by being creative and thinking out of the box. Most often when you do this you will be surprised by the output that you get. So keep shooting, keep learning, keep practicing and probably one day you will reach where you want to be.…"


Aishwarya Sunil

@aishwaryasunil_ · 1yr ago · 0:14

"…Hi Johnson. I learned so much from what you shared on Swell. My question to you is, does it ever get annoying being the photographer at every family function? Because I hear that this is something that annoys photographers a lot.…"


yashasvi Gupta

@yeswithyashi · 1yr ago · 0:38

"…I have a question regarding photography. I live in India and photography is not so popular in India because when we see from the society or the paint point of view, they say that it won't own you a good amount. She should offer some other businesses and one of my friends I know she's very good at photography through the phone. As of now, she can't really afford that camera to learn the professional photography.…"



@Akshitakohli · 1yr ago · 0:05

"…Yes. Photography's. Awesome. I love to do photography.…"

Krishna Telang

@Krishnaroxs · 1yr ago · 0:39

"…Greetings Sir Krishna this side. And thank you so much for sharing your views and sharing a journey with us. And I'm also an amateur level photographer. Like, I don't even have a good camera. I just do some mobile photography and I guess I'm on a beginner's level. I am also okay. It's because of that I don't want to stop. I don't want to stop until I'm the best.…"

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