Joe DiMeo

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My Little Man Ain’t So Little Anymore!

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"…But with that said, here we are in the car. He's driving. And I'm looking at my little guy. And where did the time go those days when we used to hang out on the couch and watch movies and Toy Story, make hot chocolate and play games and giggle and laugh, and I would tickle them, and they would laugh at everything I said. Now they just roll their eyes. If you're a parent, you know what I'm talking about? What happened?…"

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Average Joe

@AverageJoe · 2yr ago · 2:51

"…At the end of the day, we're getting older. You know what's funny, man? The day that my son was born, I was working at this dude's house, and obviously I took the day off when he was born, I came back and he said, So what do you have? I said, Boy, he said, Well, Joe, it because, before you know, you're going to be handing the keys to the car.…"


Joe DiMeo

@joedimeo · 2yr ago · 2:27

"…I go. First of all, this is the first time you admit to drinking. And Secondly, I guess we have the same drinking jeans. And that's about as crazy as I got in College. A Cape Cotter. So funny things, funny things. So that's it. My man always enjoy the interaction. If this swell thing keeps going, we're going to have to meet sometime. It's it's somewhere in the country.…"



Tim Ereneta

@Tim · 2yr ago · 1:50

"…Joe, I'm teaching my 16 year old how to drive right now, too. It's actually it's an extended process. He got his permit in November of 2019. Right? Right. So 2020 was going to be the year on the road, learning behind the wheel and COVID shut down the driving school right after I paid for prepaid for three lessons. So he got one lesson and everything shut down. So it's only recently they reached out literally, like within the past couple of weeks.…"

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