#BookReviewWeek "Tress of the Emerald Sea" by Brandon Sanderson

And that's why I struggle to even though the description I gave you, I think is very accurate there are so many references and comments and details and comparisons that the narrator makes that if you're not well versed in the cosmic I don't think you'll understand. Well, you definitely won't understand and I don't know if it will confuse you or not because this is kind of a book written or published for the fans. So even though it's very good

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Jorge Luis Rojas
@jlrojas · 3:55
But anyway, without thinking about that, the book itself, it's beautifully written. The New World is so fascinating, and even though it's a book, you can see all of these things that Sanderson is describing to you. The magic is not as it doesn't go as deep as some of the other magic systems go, but it's quite easy to understand. And it is so open, like, so flexible. There's so much potential to do a lot of cool stuff with it