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A Solstice Message

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We're over a forest. There's millions of snowflakes greeting. Swell verse that Snowflake by Kate Bush from her album I'm Ten Years Old now 50 Words for Snow, and I'm using it to begin my Happy Winter Solstice message. And how fittingly. Our mystic. Kate Bush, the elusive mythical creature herself, has posted a Christmas message on her website for her label, Fish People, and she gives us a little bit of something to look for in distressing times

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Deborah Pardes
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So I'm sharing this moment with you, another being and anyone else is listening. I think it's nice to think about what Solstice means also, in terms of what time does for us to bring meaning to life. I think sometimes we have measurements so that we can be awake if there was no measurement, if days did not have any beginnings and ends, I think life would be really weird. So I'm grateful that we're marking this short day and seeing how precious it is
Jessica McMillan
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It's amazing what that white stuff does to crystallize everything and simplify everything in the same way that Solstice does. So anyway, thank you so much for your thoughts. And they were with me all week. And I hope you have a lovely holiday season and continue to have that rest and peace that you were talking about in your post
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