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What’s your take on top albums? How does genre fit in?

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"…I will attach the article and the quote is by Stephanie Berrizen, and she says, we live in an age in which genre is losing its utility and prominence in a subversive musical society less tethered to preexisting labels than in previous generations. Lorraine carries a strong feminine entropy that is difficult to name. Even the ocean of experimentalism can be limiting, and it goes on.…"

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Todd Wiese

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"…I was talking about the books, they are so obscure and out there, and there's no way they would be on any list, but I still highly recommend them. That's from my list. Great topic. And I'm going to go check out that Consequence of Sound. And then I'll reply again and let you know what I think. Okay, take care. Cheers.…"

@JLMcMillan. I will check out COS’s list.


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Todd Wiese

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"…Okay, so I'm on The Consequence of Sound Webpage and I found what looks like part of the top 30 metal and hard rock album list, but I'm having a rough time finding it all listed as one list. I just see it as a review of a couple of bands. Anyway, I'll give you my tank. Iron Maiden put out an album this year San Jutzu, which it's going to have to grow on me.…"

@JLMcMillan Consequence’s Metal list.


Jessica McMillan

@JLMcMillan · 10mo ago · 3:58

"…I mean, it doesn't matter whether you remember it or not, but it's just cool to know that there's a word for it. It sort of validates the experience. And I love your metal review. It's crazy. You're mentioning bands like Dream Theater, Iron Maiden and Carcass. These guys have been around for so long.…"



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