Jessica McMillan

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The Christmas Playlist and a Blessing to You

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"…Some of them line up the night of Christmas, so just a little bit of context there. There's newer stuff from Lowe who are critics, darlings this year with their new release and CD Bridgers. Of course, some Al Green and Lennox and other tunes that I was talking about earlier this month. So please enjoy this playlist I would love to hear, especially in these last days before the big day.…"

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Zara Lisbon

@ZLisbon · 9mo ago · 3:03

"…She is mainstream, but I love Taylor Swift, and so I was just listening to her most recent Christmas song called Christmas Tree Farm, and then also her rendition of Last Christmas, the Wham song. She covered it when she was 19. So I know, I know she's very mainstream, but someone who's always given me comfort. And Christmas Tree Farm is an amazing song.…"


Tim Ereneta

@Tim · 9mo ago · 2:45

"…Hey, Jessica, I've already shared with you some of my songs for the season that fit in with the themes you've talked about before, so I won't rehash the those, but I will mention now because I've just come back from two Christmas services at my Church that my favorite traditional carols aren't on your playlist. And I get that joy to the world and it came upon a midnight clear and harked the Herald Angels sing and even Silent night.…"



Jessica McMillan

@JLMcMillan · 9mo ago · 1:40

"…And Taylor Swift is definitely adding to the Cannon with Christmas Tree Farm. So I appreciate you bringing that up. And I hope that you had a lovely, cozy Christmas Eve and Christmas Day with your husband watching whatever, having a lovely meal. And I agree that I'm grateful as well that I have this time to focus on the little things. It's been a really rough season in British Columbia.…"


Jessica McMillan

@JLMcMillan · 9mo ago · 2:29

"…I don't necessarily just listen to pop music or if it is, sometimes it's people like Lorena McKinney or even Tori Amos has some beautiful Christmas stuff that's a little bit leaning more traditional. And I'm just thinking right now, one of my favorite coral pieces is the Coventry Carol. I definitely love the classic stuff, and I will check out your recommendation.…"



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