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Jessica McMillan

 · 1yr ago · 4:56
Hip Hop and the Vinyl Industry: On diversity at all levels of distribution

"…Greetings Spell versus Jessica Lee McMillan with Duel of the Iron music by The Jizza from Liquid Swords amazing album and the feature your subject today I was talking about the booming reissue market for the golden age of hip hop and all the complications that are entangled in not only the whole vinyl industry, but the pandemic and systemic racism. There's a really great article that was released today on Pitchfork about it. I wanted to give it a really quick summary and some comments. In general. The title is The Wrap.…"

#music #vinyl #hiphop #records https://s.swell.life/SSjx4K0BkzOUYOH https://variety.com/2021/music/news/common-black-owned-stores-record-store-day-vin