Jessica McMillan

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Do you feel pressure to stay relevant with new music?

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"…So there's people in their 20s, there are people in their sixtys and one person picks an album to talk about, and it doesn't matter which era it's from. We've talked about everything from what's playing in the background right now, which is Girl Pools 2019 what Chaos is imaginary, and that's the song higher, by the way, to Ziggy Stardust's and The Spiders from Mars.…"

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Clay Lowe

@soulcruzer · 11mo ago · 4:19

"…If I'm looking at it nostalgically or just music fuels you with the old dopamine. And I guess when you attach it to different times in your life, it's just listening to stuff from a time that just makes me feel good one because I know how it makes me feel. It takes me on a journey. So I tend to listen that way, and I have a massive types and styles of music. I listen to it's just everywhere.…"

@JLMcMillan this has been on my mind for a bit. Thanks for the question.


Clay Lowe

@soulcruzer · 11mo ago · 0:51

"…Am now. So yeah, I do wonder. I wonder that bit too.…"


Taylor J

@Taylor · 11mo ago · 1:49

"…To your point, I find myself really revisiting a lot of the things from my past lately, not necessarily what we would consider the classics, but there's just something about them that is so timeless. And you don't get that with new music. You work up to it. But I feel like, in my case, those years of maybe, like, 16 years old through maybe 25 were so unbelievably and profoundly important in my life when it came to music.…"


Jessica McMillan

@JLMcMillan · 11mo ago · 4:31

"…I certainly try to make that time that usually there's some other task embedded. But anyway, I really feel like you answered that question just based on how could it? And why is it so bad if we return to these times for comfort or again to sort of catalog something that was really meaningful or important to us? And I feel that a lot of the new albums that tend to surprise critics that they don't really get groundbreaking kind of stuff.…"

@soulcruzer @Taylor


Lilah Klein

@LilahJane · 11mo ago · 2:43

"…And last night, two of my friends and I were driving around and listening to all the music that we used to listen to in high school, which is not that long ago, only like a year and a half ago. But it's funny because obviously it's all very popular poppy music, which I normally now don't really stay in touch with or actively try to stay in the know. But I kind of wish I did, because you're so right.…"


Jessica McMillan

@JLMcMillan · 11mo ago · 2:16

"…Hi, Lila. Oh my goodness. I love Beach House too. And it was news that I just got yesterday earlier in the day, and I haven't been able to listen to until now because I left sick little ones. And so that's why I'm so full at replying to your really great thoughts on this.…"

Definitely a balance @LilahJane

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Melissa Mccarter

@lissahoop · 11mo ago · 3:38

"…And I think that would be probably true of my husband, but also, I don't think he stays up to date on a lot of genres of music, and he's more nostalgia oriented in his music and that he's kind of trying to balance the idea of music being history and also being introduced to new things. So I think he'd have a different orientation about wanting to stay relevant, too. So again, it's a strange question.…"

No pressure!!!


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