Jessica McMillan

@JLMcMillan·11mo ago·4:59

What are your jams this week?

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"…It's very entertaining and it will give you a smile. I went in depth this week as well on two songs, one of them by Deer Hunter, the other by Pet Shop Boys. And so there's a lot of background philosophy and making of the music you'll want to check out? I also have a burning question I haven't heard any answers to yet. And that is what kind of music has helped get you through the pandemic. Is it one song? Is it a genre?…"

Week in review with some Halloween tunes & good weekend vibes #music #songs #halloween #platlist


Sontaia Briggs

@PKBriggs · 11mo ago · 3:04

"…And then I love all the other traditional hoax. But I love MacBee so much. But for me right now, I've been listening to a lot of songs like Shooting Stars by Bag Raiders. And then there's, like, a whole other, like, you know, how you play one song. And then YouTube will just start making a mix for you. So I've been listening to Foster for the People, Mgmt Daft punk. That's just sort of where I've been.…"

Your musical brain is a gift to the swellverse! Thank you! @JLMcMillan

Jessica McMillan

@JLMcMillan · 11mo ago · 3:14

"…I remember when I worked at a music store how people were sort of put off by everything being put in rock, but it's sort of like the best term we have in a way. And that's not so bad if there's that much diversity. I'm cool with that. Yeah. I'm playing one of my favorite Modest Mo songs. I've seen them twice live. I started listening to them in 1998, and they weren't popular.…"

Thank you sooo much @PKBriggs 🙏🏽🤘🏽


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