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Christmas songs that speak to the joy and sadness of the season

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"…Happy December 1 verse that is Joni Mitchell's River from her album Blue, and I'm using it to launch off a mixed tape of Christmas tracks a little bit off the beaten path, and I promise to continue to do so throughout the month. This is a song that I included in a mixtape that I wrote about last year, so I'm going to include the article as well as the playlist, and what I'm trying to get at is the complexity of our feelings at Christmas time.…"

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Deborah Pardes

@DBPardes · 10mo ago · 1:13

"…Hey, Jess. God, Blue is one of my favorite songs of all time. In fact, we had a question here on Swells. Please sing a song with the word Blue in it. And I sang that song. Oh, God, I love it. And I want to hear it. You're right. You kind of want to sit down and have breath, and it's such a beautiful deep like you just feel her soul running through her veins, just right into our ears.…"



Jessica McMillan

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"…Hi, Deborah. I'm really glad that you're enjoying the tracks that I'm talking about, especially the Joni Mitchell. Wow. And thank you for the catch on the playlist. I'm not sure what happened with that link, but I have fixed it and and they'll attach it here as well. And I hope you enjoy. And yes, I caught Mrs. Claus. And what a wonderful exuberant post for December 1. I've already replied with my favorite Christmas song Take care.…"



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Kamahana Kealoha

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"…I love this question. I love music. I just spiritually, emotionally, mentally. These are my two favorite songs. Greeting cards evolving and Christmas watches through. I just have one wish to make a special one for you. Merry Christmas morning. Happy New Year, too. I can dream. I'm in my dream. I am Christmasing with you from the best Christmas album in the whole universe. A Carpenter's Christmas, right.…"

I found the link "The Song of Christmas:"


Tasha Frank

@NLOFrank · 10mo ago · 4:38

"…It was just a fun song and then growing older and realizing the meaning behind it has just given me another layer to the song, and I love listening to it and failing that kind of cheery, upbeat feeling, but also that reminder that actually, I am very lucky to be able to celebrate Christmas, but a lot of people in the world don't, and we should be thinking of those.…"

@JLMcMillanloving this discussion


Jessica McMillan

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"…45 with kind of the glossy magazine style cover as opposed to just a regular white sleeve. And it had the picture of a gorgeous Victorian style harvest with black and white photos of kids in Third world countries superimposed. So it really does speak to that sort of juxtaposition that you were discussing that cheeriness, but recognizing hardship at the same time. And I thank you so much for your wonderful post. Thank you so much. Take care. Bye.…"



Tim Ereneta

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"…I want to share two songs that bring me joy during this season. Both of them are sentimental and celebrate family coming together, but they both recognize that there can be pain and distance in the way different aspects of the holiday are emphasizing that you don't quite necessarily fit in. So the first one I'll leave here is from Tim mentioned, and this, I would say, is more of a cabaret song or a ballad he sings in his live shows. Really?…"

White Wine in the Sun


Tim Ereneta

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"…The Christians and the Pagans by DARWILLIAMS is a delightful song. It doesn't quite fit in the category of bridging, joy and sadness, but I wanted to include it because I find it very moving that it's the story of of a family coming together, despite their obvious differences in beliefs, attitudes, and observances. And I just think that's wonderful no matter now on the 21st tree back in the 20th, when this song was written.…"

The Christians and the Pagans

Jessica McMillan

@JLMcMillan · 10mo ago · 1:02

"…Hi, Tim. Thank you for two recommendations. Both that remind me of artists that I had forgotten about Tim Mitchell. I've always enjoyed seeing on stage. I've never seen him live, but I've certainly seen lots of of his performances on television. And then Darrell Williams. I haven't listened to her in quite a long time. And yeah, I'm listening to White Wine in the sun. And I think it's just beautifully written.…"



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