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The Pops and Ticks: How records capture our energy

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"…Greetings twelve verse that is Passing Me By the Far Side. It's an instrumental version of one of my favorite hip hop albums is Our Ride to the Far Side, released in 1992. I remember the day I went to the record store to pick it up. I'm playing it because it's a perfect example of especially hiphop's use of Lo Phi sounds, particularly that fuzzy needle scratch.…"

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Charlie Olivieri

@Charlieri · 11mo ago · 0:53

"…Black Pitch Speaks Wax of Universe in Friendly Ghosts of Pops and Tics is such a good line. I really enjoyed this little post. I think the that sort of imperfections in Records is part of the charm of them, and I think genuinely is what has helped them make a comeback in a way that they are these more precious things, which is funny because CDs came in for precisely the opposite reason to clean up sound.…"


Todd Wiese

@Raretodd · 11mo ago · 2:37

"…So I saw a meme that said that had somebody complaining about vinyl because it has surface noise. And the other guy says is, hey, life has surface noise. So it's part of the deal. You got to keep your records clean. So there's not too many pops and crackles and snap crackle, pop and stuff like that. But how do you all feel about other physical media, like CDs and cassettes? I am a tape head.…"


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