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RIP Steve Bronski, Pop Culture & Gay Rights Icon

article image placeholderBronski Beat founder Steve Bronski dies at 61
Greetings. Twelve verse. It's Jessica McMillan and that is bronzey Beat Small Town Boy, released in 1984, one of the best sin pop dance songs of all time. In my mind, I would say that's almost objective. This was a smash hit and I'm playing it right now because unfortunately, we have lost Steve Bronski. It's been announced through all the media sources. I will link the article from BBC

#music #BronskiBeat #pop #GayRights #AgeOfConsent https://s.swell.life/SSrEF2U6oHyLLIj https://open.spotify.com/album/6OMYQUITdN6wBaWfEtgooI?si=9vYZ16

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