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Songs for January

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"…And I have included a good amount of Canadian content, which is always great. There's quite a few associated acts that are all mingled together on this playlist, so if you have a minute read about it. More importantly, check out the playlist and hopefully there's a tune that you like or that you forgot about or maybe some new stuff for some of you out there. And I look forward to listening to some more of your swells as well. It's been a while.…"

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Jared Bogda

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"…Hey love any type of music. And I think that January is a really hopefully upbeat and positive direction month for a lot of people. And wanted to just thank you for sharing this music with us and the direction of just some new energy in our lives. Really appreciate it.…"


Todd Wiese

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"…And it was kind of scary, but we stayed as safe as we could and we saw some great bands and I talk about them in the Swell Cast. So I haven't been on for a while either. So it's good to be back. Good to hear your back. And happy New Year. And cheers. Take care. Bye.…"


Jessica McMillan

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"…Hey, Todd. Oh, it's great to hear you. So. Yes, welcome back. And thank you. I'm glad that you're back, too. And I'm gonna just Mosey on over to your page and listen to your swell cast. I'm excited that you got to catch a live show, albeit it does sound a little intimidating. But you're still standing, so that's cool. And I'll have a listen. Take it easy.…"


Sontaia Briggs

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"…And I can see that being like a recovery. Also relaxation kind of playlist. I love Walk the Circle in the Other direction. I love that first song with the video with the old black and white video which I can't remember right now but I'm just going through them. But I wanted to respond here to you and say thank you as always for your excellent writing, excellent taste and happy to see you back in the Swellers. Peace.…"

Awesome article and playlist @JLMcMillan


Sontaia Briggs

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"…Also really weird side note, I find myself listening to a lot of Julian Casablancas. I become obsessed with his voice in his music this month, I don't know why. So yeah, that's sort of where I am. Alright. Peace.…"

And Julian Casablsncas @JLMcMillan


Swell Team

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Welcome to Swell!

Jessica McMillan

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"…I'm thinking, like, 20 06, 20 07, 20. 08 with the Strokes. Kind of like how 80s music has a certain stylization, too, especially male vocalists. But anyway, he's amazing and his collaborative work is great, and that's awesome. Anyway, happy New Year. Nice to hear from you. And I'll be checking on. And I think it's probably time for your Wednesday post. Take care.…"



Songs for January

@JLMcMillan · 9mo ago · 3:07


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