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Celebrate the message of International Clash Day

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"…And then you'll see some cool bands from all over the world, including Idols, which is awesome. Tune in. Kexp is putting on an event all day long, and you get to hear little sound bites of people from all over the world that have pitched in their message about International Clash Day. Your local station might be holding something. And then, of course, now there's Radio Garden.…"

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Jared Bogda

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"…And it shouldn't be something that's just done once a year. But this is a good reminder. And I think that that's like a lot of different days of the year, like Mother's Day or Martin Luther King Day or anything like that, kind of where you're honoring that person and you dedicate a single day, but you really need to step back and look at what you're doing every day.…"


Jessica McMillan

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"…Hi, Jared. I just wanted to thank you because you really like to spread the love and spread the joy to the everyday. And I really love how pop culture that spirit when you're talking. And so I really appreciate your replies. And I couldn't agree more. This is very much a paradigm and it's been around. It's grassroots and it's definitely something for the everyday. And it's just so cool that it's around. And I definitely think it's just getting bigger.…"


Mark Francis Rahaman

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"…It's a documentary capturing the concert Rock against Racism and all the events leading up to it. The Clash headline and you get to see what London was like in 90 79 in the height of the punk movement. And maybe it's a little bit earlier 78, but it all started with Eric Clapton's comments, racist comments in the concert and they don't actually go to the full racist comments. If you have to Google that, you'd be shocked.…"

Mark Francis Rahaman

@MarkR · 7mo ago · 2:53

"…And even though I'm going to get a remastered version, I haven't seen it. If I'd seen it in a regular shop and an original, I would get it, but I haven't looked interested to know what your thoughts are. One of my favorite tracks, a.…"

Your thoughts on the original UK Clash release V the US/Canadian release?

Mark Francis Rahaman

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"…Now, there is a radio station which I've probably told you about before that I often listen to and it is based in Hackney and it's an internet station. So they just literally get people in like they would get you in with your record collection once a month and you play for vinyl. I'll link that as well in one of these places I'm out to do too because I've got so much to say. Now. Secondly, they came to Hackney Wick. That's exciting.…"

"Wessex Studios – The Highbury church that made the rock history – London Art Reviews"

Swell Team

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Welcome to Swell!

Mark Francis Rahaman

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"…And like I said, we were a little bit young to appreciate punk because it was like the end, wasn't it? In 79, really, it was all happening in 77. And I remember my dad used to have this show called Top of the Pops. The punk bands were on my desk. Do you like this, Mark? Because it was like, what do you think? And I was like, I don't know, I'm not sure.…"

Mark Francis Rahaman

@MarkR · 7mo ago · 1:26

"…And I guess it's a bit like what happened with rock and roll in, like, Memphis in the 50s, right. A real Clash melting pot of cultures and music and style. And then you had Elvis and early rock and roll and it's a massive cultural shift. So I guess it's quite similar in some ways. And I'm just proud that it all happened right here, right here in London.…"

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