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Jessica McMillan

 · 1yr ago · 3:33
The Significance of The Score and The Fugees on Tour

"…Each MC presents a unique perspective why Clefjean tackles the layers of double dealing driving the business of America. Lauren Hill explores the obstacles that are masks opposed to human connection and romantic relationships. Pros Michele lifts the veil of public servitude behind which police mask predatory predilections the elastic bassline and eerie xylophone atop stuttering drums create a disorienting soundscape that surfaces the dystopian undertones, bubbling beneath the infectious melodies and hooks that propelled the album to a mind boggling 18 million in global sales.…"

#music #albums #fugees #hiphop #consciousness #tour #anniversary https://link.medium.com/WyOpFAHFJjb https://open.spotify.com/album/4z6F5s3RVaOsekuaeg