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The Gift of Riddim: Eternal Graditude to Lee Scratch Perry

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"…Of course, it did start with Bob Marley for me, but recently I've become a really big fan of the Congos. I love what his influence has been specifically on The Clash, who he produced their single Complete Control, which is kind of a straight up rock song. But you do get that Echo filled sound and it clearly influences their Sandinista, which has full on posting in the background. And he's so prolific. Just over the last five years, even he has put out 15 albums.…"

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"…I want to second that notion. Dove is where it all started for me. Obviously, from the name on, I used to see Lee live and it would transport. Heard me every time. And when I went to Jamaica for the first time, everything made sense. It was the music of my youth. Spoke to me on a cellular level. It still does and always will. I much respect to the upsider. Peace, love, rhythm.…"



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"…Wow. That's some really cool memories shared there. All about the rhythm. I'm wondering if you've got any further details around seeing him in Jamaica or anywhere, and are we able to interact with him or get up close to him? I wonder what he was like as a person, other than a music or outside of his self as a musician. Yeah. Thanks for sharing.…"


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"…Obviously very cognizant of what was going on around him, but very loose, slippery, elusive. And I can tell by design, but it's also seemingly the way he remained playful. And that's all right. I've never been one to impose myself on anyone, but he was one of those people that really seemed to be imbued with genius, could hear things on a sub harmonic level that had previously been unexplored. So my gratitude for him knows no end. So I appreciate the inquiry.…"



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