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The Uplifting Sounds of Darkness: Amusing new single and upcoming album

article image placeholderThe Darkness - Motorheart (Official Lyric Video)
Near the end of the song, Hawkins sings about not being able to obtain real love from a human being, so it's sort of pathetic and they're definitely mocking themselves. He's actually using a vacuum instead of a guitar at one point in his skivvies. It's pretty funny and then mixed in. Are these really great chunky riffs, the chorus with a really great sweet 80s metal sounds. It's extravagant, it's goofy, it's bloody hilarious

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Hi, folks. I'm also going to attach a Spotify list of the singles that are out so far, including the newest, newest one, Juicy Sgirl, which I guessing by the title is kind of a parody of Rick Springfield, Jessie's Girl, enjoy
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