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3C(cool, calm,collected)

Cool is who he she is and there is no changing that. Facts cool does not care about likes, but has a lot of followers because everyone wants to be cool. Calm calm is similar to Ccool, but is consistently focused on the mission. Steadfast unmovable. No matter how difficult things get in the external environment, calm is one of the ones who is not easily shaken even if its life is threatened by being taken. Collected. Collected is the one who seems to have it all together

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It's just, like, really not one of those things that I capture well in poetry, and maybe I haven't tried hard enough. So I really love when other poets do something that I feel like I'm still working on or that I haven't quite been able to capture, and that was this. Being comedic and fun are things that in my writing, I have trouble with. So it's very admirable, and this was very well done
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