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Power, Comand, Authority

It's. So it is. So it be. One can only take account with ability consistently. Poetree, grow with me. Flow with me. So be it. So it is. Let it be. Power. Command. Authority. Knowledge of self. Know thyself energy. Self preservation. Basic, elementary. Self honesty. Self mastery. Our story is different from his story. Ease the disease. That I may. You may. We may have inner peace

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It. I adore your process of thought. There are so many times where I'm listening to something that you've put out and it's so clever and it makes so much sense and it's beautiful to see from your perspective. And I really like the way that you put things together. It's awesome. And it's very inspiring as well. Just going to keep up with you because I really like you and I really like your poetry and I love how you do things
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