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original poetree
@jkfhjkjg · 1:00

Out of My Head

I know that your purpose is only to keep me safe, but you do it in an unpleasant way. You have a habit of showing up at any time throughout the day. For I just want to live my life. In peace and content stress free in my head is where you have chosen to live your presence is a constant irritation to me so get out of my head I beg and plead for I just want to go through my day stress free in peace

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Renee Slay
@Renee_Slay · 1:42


And a suggestion for those thoughts, because I have repetitive triggering thoughts, or I did all the time. And I hope for you, your poetry is also an outlet. It is for me. I used replacement. So if those thoughts came or come, I will just touch a part of my body, just tap, and I will then release that negative thought. Like I don't need you. You have no value here. I release you in my head
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