Jared Bogda
@JCB07 · 2:49

Cost of living skyrocketing around us

Hello everyone. I wanted to start the week off on a topic that I know everyone who's on swell at some point has been affected by, and that is the rising cost of lead during COVID and what's been happening over the past last couple of months. And I want to speak specifically to the housing crisis as well as the increase in rent and increase in property costs. And I wanted to see what others are really feeling and know and maybe have heard about the future of our costs


Finley Ave
@finnave · 1:26
I think this honestly has a big impact on how many people and myself included, like want van life. Yes, I wanted it before that and I was interested in traveling through that lifestyle. I wanted to do that for years. But I think that so many people are choosing this because they're realizing the market is just so crazy and almost unattainable for their income levels. But then also van life can be something that others can't afford as well. So it's scary
Sontaia Briggs
@PKBriggs · 3:27

Sooo much money 😕 @JCB07

I would call it just really a hallway with a door in the bathroom and maybe like a mini fridge like you had in College. So it's crazy so I don't know where you are but is definitely something to consider and when you move in the New York area you are thinking about putting down thousands of dollars. So I don't know it's crazy, but thanks for bringing us up
Bowie Rowan
@bowie · 3:11
That would be a better fit for me as far as lifestyle and financially and all of those things. And what I have seen so far as I've been traveling around the country is that costs are rising everywhere. Of course there Ave places where you can buy a house or rent more cheaply than others. Obviously it's going to be cheaper to rent a place in Kansas City versus like San Francisco or New York. But even the folks I've talked to, their rent has definitely gone up
13_Priyanshi Kumari
@priyanshi13 · 0:59

😑 covid made everything unaffordable 😶

And even if we calculate then hostels rent Ave even much more rental higher than the whole course fee. So I don't know when these things Ave going to stop and we come back to normal or this is our new normal that I don't know
Indy Rishi Singh
@MysticScientist · 1:03

Cooperative housing initiatives

Has anyone here learned about sustainable cooperative living? I just attended a couple of meetings this past week with a people of color sustainable movement, and they've been trying to buy back as a community like people of color and LGBTQ community and coming together to buy property as a cooperative. So people can also own it instead of just paying rent to a landlord, your rent is actually going towards owning the space. I wonder if more of us knew about cooperative and cooperative housing, how that would transform the situation
Samuel Penate
@samuelpenate · 2:27
Hey Jared, thank you for that very meaningful post. I Ave to be honest with you, I am going to be undergrad student. Well, to be honest, graduating from College this upcoming May and the Pandemic has effective severely housing situations and it's very frustrating because the more people Ave quitting their jobs, it's very just restricted to find ways to get your own place, the rent mortgage and there Ave so many things going on
Jas (They/them) Martin
@studentlife · 0:34
Thank you for touching on the subject. The rising living costs, especially for place of living, is definitely affecting students. So this is a really good food for thought for me and it's really inspiring for me to touch on the subject for my Swell, which is dedicated to the life of being a student. So thank you for having the courage to discuss this topic that is not super happy, but very, very needs to be shared