Jared Bogda
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Super bowl 2022 Los Angeles

I remember playing basketball in high school and not having to think about what test was the next day or if I was going to get to work on time on Saturday or something like that. So I really think that it's really exciting to have the Super Bowl close by and see the city around us. I think it's really exciting for Los Angeles two to hopefully have the Olympics as well

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Taylor J
@Taylor · 1:45
So it's like, I'm going to get mad at this one event just because they have 20, 30, 40,000 more people than these other events that happen three times a week when they do happen. I think at this point, it is what it is. I prefer if we weren't having it here. I don't think it's the wisest decision, but what can you do
Jared Bogda
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So hopefully February will be a little bit more impactful and we'll have some positive things that happen during February to remind us that February exists. Thanks. Hopefully you stay safe and have a good Super Bowl
Jared Bogda
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Hey, thanks for the response. I totally understand about not wanting to give any money to someone who hasn't supported something that you've supported for so long. So I really understand that as well. I am really curious about what the Stadium is like inside. I know you said you hadn't been there, and I haven't either. So if one of us does, hopefully we can give each other an update on our experience there
Tim Ereneta
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random observation about Superb Owl Sunday 🦉

There is actually no difference in traffic, attendance at movie theaters, museums, the grocery store where all the foodies shop lines are just as long, long. There's absolutely no difference on Super Bowl. Hyundai
phil spade
@Phil · 0:47

Great shopping times!

There are no lines in the stores. I can get everything that I need to do and probably maybe half to three quarters of the time that it would take me otherwise. So it has been a great strategy for me. I've even employed that over in the Super Bowl, too. To the teams that play that I really don't care about, it is a fantastic time to get things done. Absolutely fantastic