Jared Bogda
@JCB07 · 2:03

Who’s working out?

And I know it's a personal preference, but I'm just kind of gauging everyone's thoughts on working out, especially in the time of COVID and what your passions are and working out what you feel works best for you, anything from just going for an afternoon walk to doing push ups in your house to going to a gym a couple of times a week to training on and off gym and going out for a run or going out for a bike ride, having a personal trainer, going to a kickboxing class, going to one of those boot camp classes, anything like that, Pilates, hiking, swimming

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Sontaia Briggs
@PKBriggs · 3:50

@JCB07 Go JARED! You got this!

That's my personal advice I'm getting other people's practices out of my head and I'm going to do me so I walk a lot 20,000 steps a day I try to do that and then if I do this app two days a week and then if I can make it to the gym two days more to just run on the treadmill I think I'm going to be all right
Gab Tando
@PucaBear · 4:27

@JCB07 Dancing!

Just checking in with you. This is a good question. I like the way you framed it, who's working out? Because it was also very motivational. Like what are we doing? What are we doing, guys? So thanks for putting this up and I'd like to also add on. I don't know if this really goes under exercise, but what I've been doing on the other side of that is magnesium baths
Gab Tando
@PucaBear · 0:42

@hygge I agree 💃🏾💃🏾

I agree Prerona I think because when you're dancing, maybe like you can feel like a sense of like flow. And since there's not any like movements that you have to do correctly, you're just trying to go with the rhythm and what your body feels. It can be like a spiritual thing as much as it is a physical thing too. So yeah, I think dancing helps with like expression, but at the same time also helps to keep the body fit as well
13_Priyanshi Kumari
@priyanshi13 · 1:25
And I actually do it mix kind of work out like some stretches along with some cardio too and some intense steps too. And I also dance in the evening. So that's also kind of great kind of energy booster for me. And I just want to keep it for a long time because when I started working out, it kind of motivated me to make exercise a part of my life and giving importance to my health Besides of studies. So yeah, I'm kind of proud of myself this time
Ophelia Johnson
@LadyO · 4:11
Whatever you want to do just make it solitary Tando just mix it up so that when you're having fun with it and it's not a chore. The sad thing is that I actually love working out. I'm a big girl. I'm not going to lie to you. I weigh maybe £215 I'm not skinny at all but I actually do like working out. I love it actually. I love the way my body feels. I love how I feel. Elongated my energy levels up
kila J
@kila002 · 0:16
Hello. I do not believe in fitness or working out. I don't even have arms or legs
Kendall Milender
@kendallmilender · 1:31
I think that word discredit is a really great one to use because I think that like so much of the intimidation factor of going to the gym or doing out anything, being in kind of a more intense fitness environment is that we have people around us, if not intentionally but unintentionally, making us second guess our form, our pace, or just our belonging
Mark R Fitness
@Markrfitness · 5:00

Great question

So my advice right. First of all, I love what everybody said. Dancing, cycling, walking, running, whatever suits you. What I would say from a conditioning standpoint, which is conditioning is like cardiovascular work. Right. What's most important is that you build a good, solid foundation to your overall cardiovascular fitness. And there's a way to do that. And my advice would be to get a heart rate monitor
Swell Team
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Welcome to Swell!

Mark R Fitness
@Markrfitness · 4:54
Some do boxing, some do strength, some we do conditioning. We use their gardens, their front rooms, Tando kitchens. You can do it. But I also something that came out of the pandemic, which I've continued to use and work with, is online training, not through Zoom, but through a platform, through an app where being that I'm a conditioning coach, I like to work in this way where I design twelve weeks, but I do it a week at a time
Jas (They/them) Martin
@studentlife · 2:37
I do mostly cardio based, like running Tando, jogging, and doing Stair workouts before I eat anything. So I'll have like a cup of black coffee and then I'll go and jog or something. And at first it was really tough because I was so used to working out on a full stomach, but now I'm used to it and it's just an arm for me
Savleen Kaur
@SavleenKaur19 · 0:34
I'm really into skipping and it just makes me happy and it's so easy to do for me. So I don't really feel like I'm doing anything, but I working out side by side. So it's just the best way to work out for me
Sasha Runyen
@sasharunyen20 · 1:24

Yoga and runs!

Hey swell. I just wanted to reply to this because I was actually thinking of posting as well and working out and then it was perfect because this is on my review page. I just came back from a run throughout. I started running because it Jas a nice way to be in nature
Alexandra Hobson
@alihobson · 2:06
Because I go to Chico State, I haven't found like a yoga studio here that I liked, so I just thought maybe I'll switch it up and try kickboxing. It's a great way to get your heart rate up and it's mostly cardio, but at the end of the class they incorporate AB training and just some different workouts like squats and lunges. So it's definitely like a full body workout, which is really nice
Ethan Carpenter
@eeeethooo · 3:04
If you want to be bulky and really bulky and strong, then you would probably aim for the latter suggestion. But if you want to be lean and cardio, more fit for cardio, then you would probably do the first one. And I lean towards the first one because of boxing. And I like to have my workouts be synergized between everything. But I think the best thing, man, is the diet, honestly
Ethan Carpenter
@eeeethooo · 1:46


It's not the easiest to get into right off the bat, but it's still a good a sport. Now, I completely agree with you about the gym, going to a gym and having all the language, but meatheads dropping weights and grunting and making you feel really uncomfortable. And I completely understand that because although I'm in shape and I'm fit, I'm not huge. I'm not like a big muscle guy. Right
Sontaia Briggs
@PKBriggs · 1:30

@eeeethooo Krav Maga 😅

Hey, Ethan PK here. So good to meet you here in the swell verse. And the timing is so interesting that you are responding to this post about the boxing that I guess I was talking about eleven months ago because I literally I did not make any progress with the boxing. I always walk in New York City. So I walk everywhere. So I've been doing that, like you said, 20,000 steps or more a day
Ethan Carpenter
@eeeethooo · 0:52
Hey, PK. Thanks so much for reaching back out. It's pretty crazy how I reached out the day before you start your first martial arts class. It's kind of like the stars are aligning on that one. But, yeah, crop McGah is really, really cool. I've done a little bit of crop McGah, at least on my own. Tando doing elbows and knees and the takedowns and judo throws and things like that, that's mixed together with KRAB McGah