Jaisha Jansena
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The Happy Part

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They were multicolored red, blue, green, white, and they came in different sizes. I accepted the gifts, eager to destroy them. Several more gifts came that summer. More kitchen accessories, bedroom essentials and a pair of cushioned slippers are worn till the soul fell off. I didn't make the connection yet. The pattern was still in hiding. But this is supposed to be the Happy Part


Renee Slay
@Renee_Slay · 0:14


You are so descriptive in your writing. You have true talent. And I absolutely enjoy listening to you when you speak your poetry. Thank you for sharing
Laura L (she/her)
@Loloflow · 0:40
Whoa. This one hit me hard. I was in a relationship with a woman who was an aspiring chef and long distance, and we I would send her all kinds of kitchen fun things. And we're not together anymore. So long story short, this hit me so beautiful the way you tell stories
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