Jaisha Jansena
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For the Sun

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I learned how to weigh the invisible. But at some point a theory tested long enough looks like truth. This is mine. I a challenge was laid. A feeling was struck. I went off course, but I felt peace tug on my arm. Light handed, gentle and discreet. I picked up the phone and a bouquet of apologies fell from my lips. My muted voice scrambled the message, but determination perched on the edge of my cupped hands


Ty Dobbs
@dobbsty · 0:22
Hey. This is so beautiful. I love your dedication to Poetry month and just your commitment to poetry. It's so beautiful to kind of come back on here and see that you've posted something new and I get to check it out and experience it. So I just wanted to come on here and reply and say, keep going. It's really nice to hear what it is that you're sharing with us
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