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Jaisha Jansena
@jaishajansena · 1:15


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Underneath it, my stomach burns from all the dreams crawling through me. Skin is the screen. There's thrill in touch and possibilities of poison. What's real? What's reflection? I don't know, but I listen. I hear my breath spread. Sound comes slowly, slips in through my thighs. I hear it I have wasted into something else. I have crumbled, caught up in the quickening volume, submerged and shedding


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Adenike Nana Esie
@nourishyou · 1:35
Yet again, you have taken my breath away. I find myself a little bit lost for words when I lean into your pieces. It's a really moving experience, the way you are able to take something quite abstract and or something quite simple and turn it into such a vivid tapestry of expression. I think you are exceptional, and I hope that you continue to share here after Poetry Month. Very moved to hear you and to ponder and wonder on your process, your experience, which is great
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