Calathea and Phlox subulata

The pot, a shade of purple that she claimed was her power color, sat on the floor in front of my desk. The stalks and leaves of her jungle like foliage leaned toward the effervescent blue light of my computer. I sat in the corner, slurping the dregs of my coffee as my colleagues nodded, mouths ajar, a few with raised eyebrows, staring through their computer cameras at the plant, which was a better occupant of my now humid apartment than I ever was

A piece of flash fiction in response to a swell from @fas about her plant, a calathea. I also included a "pink moon," so-named after pink wildflowers.

faith s
@fas · 1:59


I think so often we have this amazing perception of nature and it's partly because our duty of care to look after the Earth and what's happening now with climate change, but the fact that plants could still take on this human aspect and potentially be not quite malevolent, but something else. It's so interesting how you've taken it
Laura L (she/her)
@Loloflow · 1:28
Jacqueline I loved every minute of this. I smiled through the whole thing. It's just so clever and whimsical and had this kind of almost little shut of horrors, alternate ending vibe to it. You have this, like, effortless humor in your writing. Dark humor. I dig it. And I don't know if you were going for this, but I kind of got this feeling that it may not be this deep. It just a takeaway I had from it probably my own perspective coming in
Swell Team
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Welcome to Swell!

Jacqueline Kharouf
@JacquelineEK · 2:59


You're. Hi, Faye. Thank you so much for your kind reply and for your response. I to be honest, I was a little worried that you might be, like, boring or whatever, but no, thank you. It's interesting you mentioned AI, because I hadn't really thought of that theme. But I think it's something maybe be subconsciously that I've been worried about, to be honest
Jacqueline Kharouf
@JacquelineEK · 2:53

@Loloflow #leonoracarrington

And the hyena, of course, is a wild animal, and the hyena bites the face off of her nurse and wears the face to the party, is highly grotesque and weird and surrealist. And of course, the hyena pulls it off somehow and enjoys the social event a lot. And the main character is at home also enjoying herself because she didn't have to go. Yeah, I like that
Laura L (she/her)
@Loloflow · 1:00


Hey, I actually love Leonora Carrington, but I didn't realize she was a writer as well. I'm very familiar with the art, but this is such a perfect story to go along with this thread. Yeah, super cool. And thinking about rewatch wilding in general, in humanity. I listened to your other response about AI. I think all the energies are pushing us to remember that we are nature, we are animals, we need to recall our wild selves
Jacqueline Kharouf
@JacquelineEK · 3:46


Hello? Hey, Laura. Thanks for your reply. I meant to reply sooner, but I had kind of a weird Monday and then spilled into Tuesday a little bit. So I'm here now. I'm trying to catch up. So, yeah, I love Leonora Carrington as well. She is an incredible artist and was doing some I don't know, just looking at some of her work. And then I came across some information about some writing she had done. So I looked into that
Laura L (she/her)
@Loloflow · 0:54


It's. Please do. A post about Leonora. That would be amazing. I love I love her art. And I'm actually I'm actually into Tarot, so if you ever want a reading, let me know. You know, the archetypes are everything. I put one of my very favorites of hers here. The star card. I think it's appropriate