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Is there such a thing as bad ideas?

This week is the first week of the spring semester for Indiana University students. For me personally, it is my first last week of undergrad, which is very exciting, but it's also bittersweet because, of course, by you

Reflecting on the first week of Spring ‘21 semester! Go #Hoosiers #IU #indianauniversity

Completely agree. And... @Izzy

It works here, or it might help us even the craziest ideas that don't work or might inspire a different thought. It's kind of like having more and more data points to pull from when creating it's, like brainstorming, a catchphrase or something. You throw everything on the paper, you do, weed it out. But there may be something ridiculous on there that sparks something entirely different or having two ridiculous statements on that paper together spark something different, you know?
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Ooh, Christina, I adore this idea. I think this is extremely important and also to consider that your idea may not always have immediate or long term effects that are directly in line with what you may intend them to be. Right. There are plenty of examples throughout history of ideas that may be perceived as crazy or bad. But then and as you said, it turned out to be really influential and positively impactful in the world in some way
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Ideas connect us to all times of humanity. @Izzy

As much as we hate to admit, especially introverts like me, it's a collectively shared process. So you're not making these ideas simply on your own. It's a culmination of experiences you had data you've taken in, and it's also a process of connecting with others, because when that idea works, it creates this sort of energy. It's a certain energy you're tapping into
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Like I think of the Three M product Postit notes, they applied for a patent, just a sticky back on a piece of paper, and they didn't think much of it. And how three M works is they will kind of dismiss things and they'll reassess them later on just to see if something has changed in the marketplace to where their ideas that they came up with, if the timing is better