Subhi Saxena
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What's your current favourite song??

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So hello everyone. I would like to ask you a little question in this swell. What is your current favorite song? It's been really long time since I talked about music so here it comes. What is your current favorite song? I am actually running out of my music list but I really want some new suggestions, some good music. Currently I am listening to yet to come and Where is my Love by Simil. And that song is something that I absolutely adore

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Shruti Singh
@Shruti_Singh · 1:49


Hey, this is really an interesting swell and you know, I usually don't keep favorites. It's very difficult for me to choose things out which I like the most. So I don't do that. I just keep, you know, things which are which are made marrying the most at the at present moments. So lately the Singh that I've been very obsessed with is Nine Changes by One Direction
Subhi Saxena
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Hi. Shruti. Thank you so much for recommending some amazing songs. And I think two or three of the songs that you mentioned, I know about them, and I love them, so yeah. Thank you so much
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Akanksha Rai
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Hey, dear. My current favorite song is from KGF to Mahbubba song which I used to listen maximum times nowadays
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