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Do you think 'Music is Love'???

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I love quality music from all around the world. Music is a therapy for me. If I'm sad, I need music. If I'm happy, I need music. If I'm chilling or doing nothing, I need music. It's like I need a song to suit each and every mood of mine. Don't you think how beautiful it is that this music reaches to you when you need it the most, breaking all the boundaries of the world. What do you think of music?

Music is a language in itself. #music #classical #jazz #r&b #bollywood #collegevoiceindia #firstswell #love


https://youtu.be/syFZfO_wfMQ Night changes by one direction https://youtu.be/DQ4r7HegRQw The night we met by 13reasons why

Hey. Hi. I hope you're doing great. And it was really nice listening to you and I completely agree with you. It brings me back to life. I can't even imagine a single day without my Ghana and headphones on and I still never stopped to wondering how world would have been if there was no music. Literally no music anywhere in the world. I mean, can you imagine yourself staring blankly in the air without discovering what actually is missing in your life?
article image placeholderOne Direction - Night Changes
Subhi Saxena
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@MitsuhaMiyamizu 😊

Oh, my God. Yes. The Night We Met was one of my most favorite songs when it was released. I used to listen to that song a lot. And I think I will listen to that song again because you're you have reminded me of that song. So yeah. And Tom talking about K pop. Yes. You will get judged here because it's India. And I think judging is everywhere
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Shruti Singh
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That what mood I am in. Obviously listening music just makes me feel that I am in heaven. Although we are in heaven. This planet is no less than heaven. But yeah, I believe listening music makes our senses better and makes us feel overwhelmed. So that's what I think. Thank you. Even starting to stopping and letting us realize these small importance in our life. Thank you
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@Shruti_Singh 😊

Wow. Shruti. Yes, I agree with you. And the thing that you talk about friends was very correct. I used to have a lot of friends and now the counting of my friends is less, but the quality of my friends is way more. And yeah, music stays music stays in every situation of your life, as I talked about this as well as well, that if I'm sad, I need music. So yeah, music is everything for me as well
Tanya Mahajan
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Hi Shruti, I really like your topic. If music is something that I love to listen every day, every hour, every minute, music is my love. Whether it is of any genre love to listen to music something it happens that I tend to hear some rhyming and rhythms from somewhere and it keeps on going round and round in my head
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@Tanya30 😊

Hi Tanya, thank you so much for listening to my Swell and yes Boy with Love is a beautiful song and very catchy. I also listen to that song regularly. Have a Good day
souvik bhardwaj
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Yeah, it's true that music is love. And by the way, Hi, how are you doing? And to me, I also prefer to do the same. Like, every time I listen to music, but to me, this is another way to being numb. Every time if I'm listening to music, I'm just breaking my mind to think less and less, maybe auto plus, then accumulated into something. That's why I would say that to me
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@souvik.11 😊 #swelltalkindia

Hi, Shove. Good to hear from you. And, yeah, I agree with you that it can make you feel numb, because a lot of people use music for to, like, escape from the difficulties and issues of their life, but it also gives them power to come back and fight. So, yeah, have a good day. Bye
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