Subhi Saxena

@itssubhiii·5mo ago·4:22

'Racism' is not okay!!!!!

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"…Why do people like to harass other people based on what they look like, how they look like? If you're fat you will be called fatty, not knowing if you are actually going through any medical problem or not. If you are short you will be called Shorty or many other nicknames you will be given so that the confidence you have in yourself will be lost. This is disturbing. People need to understand that having monolith for example like East Asian people is not bad.…"

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Anwesa Saha

@Anwesa · 5mo ago · 1:00

"…Hi Chopin. That was a great swell and it was much needed. And as you said about the body size and those things, as it is, we are generally suffer from body positive. We generally do not have body positivity. Most of us. And upon that, if people will criticize us just because of our body size or color or anything like that, it actually makes us feel down more and we go further away from body positivity and we go towards body negativity.…"

Subhi Saxena

@itssubhiii · 5mo ago · 0:41

"…At this time. So yeah. Thank you so much for applying to me. Ask. Swell. I'm really great. Thank you. Andrea.…"

@Anwesa 😊

"…Hi. Thank you so much for this amazing. Swell. And this is so good. You know, racism is wrong because everyone is the same and should be treated equal whether you are Indian, African, Mexican, Coriander, white, et cetera, et cetera. If you were to cut yourself, even bleed red, everyone does and there is no difference. Everyone is the same and it hurts people's feelings.…"


Subhi Saxena

@itssubhiii · 5mo ago · 0:23

"…Hi thank you so much for replying to me as well. Definitely agree with all of your points. And yes, a person a person should be, you know, described as the person he is not because of how he looks and what is the color of his skin. Should not matter. Definitely not matter. Thank you so much again for replying. Have a great night. Bye.…"

@MitsuhaMiyamizu 😊


Shruti Singh

@Shruti_Singh · 5mo ago · 1:29

"…Hey Subhi. Firstly this was really an amazing swell and the points you have raised are worth questioning. The fact that you mentioned people are being harassed on the basis of how they look and which is completely right. Even if we go out today after ages not being it woman being it men being at any gender, they are being judged on how their personality type. Also I would say that 'racism' is not okay.…"

#sayitonswell #whatsyourpov


Swell Team

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Welcome to Swell!

Priyal Kedia

@priyalkedia024 · 5mo ago · 0:41

"…Hi Shruti, first of all your topic was amazing and your voice is sweet, soft and clear like I didn't know about this, that corners were used to say as Curry. And I listen to many Indians that they call foreigners as unres or Ferangi. So what I think is that it's a habit of people to judge others which is wrong. However they are great. If you want to judge anyone, judge yourself first isn't it?…"


Palak Jain

@palakjain · 5mo ago · 0:29

"…As an individual, I've always been one speaking out, especially if something bothers you. My personal view is that we should never keep things bottled up, but 'racism' is not okay. Racism creates a society where people don't trust and respect each other. And I think that there are no reasons or excuses for racism. It's just wrong and everyone should raise their voices against it.…"

Subhi Saxena

@itssubhiii · 5mo ago · 0:16

"…Hi prayer. Thank you so much for replying and I will definitely reply on your spell. And yeah, Indian people do call them angles Andi but I think 'racism' is not okay. That is something which is very important. Thank you so much. Bye.…"



Subhi Saxena

@itssubhiii · 5mo ago · 0:12

"…Yes, Palak. I definitely agree that raising your voice against these things are really important and this is how, you know, people will get some confidence. Thank you so much for replying again.…"



Subhi Saxena

@itssubhiii · 5mo ago · 0:41

"…Thank you so much. Rupee for replying to my swell. Your answer was really, really good. And this is the thing that I would actually was asking for people to talk about. And yeah, the way we behave now now is how we will lead the next generation. And if we will be doing racism, we will be harassing people on the basis of how they look. What we're is the next generation will learn from it.…"

@Shruti_Singh 😊


Harshita Sharma

@Harshita_Sharma · 5mo ago · 0:43

"…Hey Subhi, how are you? Hope you are doing great. So 'racism' is not okay which is too sensitive to touch and speak upon. And you have done this so clearly activism with the responsibility. You explained everything and I think this will be really great. It is having everything about the topic and it's really good to listen to and yeah, really nice. I appreciate that you choose such a topic to speak upon.…"

Subhi Saxena

@itssubhiii · 5mo ago · 0:05

"…Thank you so much Harshita for replying to my swell thank you so much.…"



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