Subhi Saxena

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Beaches or Mountains?????

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"…So do you like beaches more for this or any other reason? I personally love mountains more. I like the view. I like the surroundings. Beautiful environment, cool breeze, that Sunshine coming through the small opening between the mountains. It's so beautiful to me, so surreal to me. I enjoy being at the mountains. So guys, share your opinions here. Do you like beaches more or mountains more? Thank you so much for listening. This was shapesaxana.…"

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"…Hey Hi again an interesting swell and you know I am from Utrecht, Utah Khan may be thoroughly say person there when the river after so yeah thank you.…"


Subhi Saxena

@itssubhiii · 5mo ago · 0:34

"…It's good to hear a little bit of your secret. I think I love mountains and definitely I enjoy being there. And a Chala Gajan Kiki Mountains Ka Park. You are from a Prague and as you said, it's so amazing to be there. I've been to a truck and it's so beautiful. I think it's so peaceful to be living around mountains, in my opinion. So yeah. Thank you so much for replying again on my swell have a good thing.…"

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Sudha Varadarajan

@sudha · 5mo ago · 1:08

"…Should be. I had to respond in your swell because this kind of is a swell that hit home for me. So I'm a person who grew up amongst the mountains. I grew up in in a place where the Eastern and Western guts actually coincide with. They come together, where they meet. And so I've always seen mountains around me. And now that I'm older, I'm once again amongst the Hills. I live in a place that is at the foothills of very beautiful Hills.…"

Subhi Saxena

@itssubhiii · 5mo ago · 0:30

"…Hello Sudha Ma'am thank you so much for replying on me as well. Definitely a really straightforward and interesting answer for a person who grew up around the mountains. Nature justice can be a really good vacation spot for them. But yeah, living around beach is a bit trickier as you said about this whole thing and all. So yeah, I personally love mountains a lot and thank you so much again for replying on my cell. Have a good day. Bye.…"

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Abhinandan Roy

@RoyAbhi · 5mo ago · 0:52

"…Yeah. It is a very good question. Like many of my school friends and College friends ask this, that. Which do you prefer? Like seas forests or mountains? Obviously for my preference is obviously mountains with dense forests. Mountains are obviously cool for me because I live in West Bengal and nearby, there are many mountains in other districts, like in Puglia, there is one mountain and very famous is Targaryen, which is Kanchenjunga. And it's literally a very wonderful place.…"


Isabella Croston

@isabellaa · 5mo ago · 0:34

"…But that's a really hard one.…"


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