Subhi Saxena

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Do you want to be someone's inspiration??? What inspires me to give my best??

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"…As I don't like to have regrets. I think those people who constantly work hard to achieve what they desire are the people who will never have regrets. When they will look back, they will be proud of themselves and will at least be able to say that even if I didn't get the results, I did my best. So tell me about your inspiration or if you wanted want to be someone's inspiration as well. This was Shabby's successor. Thank you for listening.…"

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Priya Jyoti

@priyajyoti · 6mo ago · 0:55

"…So anyone who has a powerful order, who has a powerful strength in themselves are my solution. And I think I am also one of my patients because have learned so many things from myself, from my past and what I'm doing right now. These are my patients.…"

Rhea Bangera

@basicallyrhea · 6mo ago · 5:00

"…But when Jesus came to this 2000 years ago, when I think about it now, the way he was, he wasn't like, hey, I am God, follow me, worship me. He was more humble down to Earth and he was just as any other human being because he came in the form of a human. So the way he cried when his best friend passed away, the way he sat along with his disciples to eat food together and not like separately, alone, greedily.…"

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Subhi Saxena

@itssubhiii · 6mo ago · 0:27

"…Hi Priya, you are right. Both smart work and hard work equally necessary for being an inspiration. And being your own inspiration is also a very good thing. Think and everybody should be their own inspiration because that motivates you the most I think and great reply by you. Thank you so much for listening.…"

@priyajyoti 😊

Shruti Singh

@Shruti_Singh · 6mo ago · 1:26

"…For instance, I see both sitting on the lines, isolated from everyone, watching the real life from top of our heads. And I get inspired by them. They are cute little birds. They are free in peace, happy without any luxuries. And even when alone, they are just watching the sunset, setting straight on the trees, which feels like a fantastic thing happening there. Then why we humans can't stay alone and just be in peace.…"


Subhi Saxena

@itssubhiii · 6mo ago · 0:52

"…All the things that you told me about everything inspired me today to be a good person. Thank you, sir, so much for listening. And thank you so much for replying. And you have a great, great day. Bye.…"

@basicallyrhea 😊

Swell Team

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Welcome to Swell!

Subhi Saxena

@itssubhiii · 6mo ago · 0:31

"…Hi. Shruti. First of all, I'm doing great. I hope you are also doing well. And yeah, about your answer, it was simply beautiful, simply inspirational, to be honest. And yeah, you you explained everything so beautifully that a bird can be your inspiration as well. And true. Yes, everything can be your inspiration. That teaches you to be yourself. I think. And loved your answer. I thank you for listening.…"

@Shruti_Singh 😊

Kritika Mehra

@Kritika.Mehra23 · 6mo ago · 0:28

"…Hey, I'm agree with you. Inspire johammit. Any person can inspire us, it's dependent on us.…"


Subhi Saxena

@itssubhiii · 6mo ago · 0:05

"…Yes. Absolutely correct. Chriska, thank you for listening.…"

@Kritika.Mehra23 😊


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