Non-fiction book rec for long drive

What is a good, engaging, interesting book that's going to make me keep me awake and want me to stop and take notes, but I won't be able to. But it will get my mind working for a long drive. If you've got a book rec, I cannot wait to hear it. Thank you so much

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He has done a couple of TED talks on optical illusions. He pushes that a bit further in this book, talking about how the eyes take information in, how the brain processes that, how they communicate between each other, the impact of language and how that shapes how we see things. And he makes it super easy to take it in, understand and reflect on it. Just really, it changed how I view myself, how I view other people. Yeah, it just was a really impactful book
Tanya Coles
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And so this book has really been helping me to understand myself a little bit more and what causes me to behave that way. So I think it's great and so I recommend it. I haven't gotten too far in it but it's been a great read so far and it just helps us to understand some of our worst habits, some things that come second nature to us that we don't realize are self sabotaging habits. And so I recommend for a long drive I think you will enjoy this
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Michael Knight
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I think one book that you might really enjoy, and it's kind of helpful to me, and I think a lot of us who are creatives is called late bloomers. It's just basically a book of a collection of people who kind of got it got started later in life, in their professions, and getting notoriety
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I am absolutely a late bloomer and so that this is a book I'm going to look up and at least put on my TBR. It sounds really good. I love those kind of stories of people from different backgrounds in different places that are just in different ages that are just doing things, getting things done. That sounds amazing. Thank you so much for recommending that