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Isha Pabreja
@isha_.p7_ · 2:11

Social media

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Some popular examples of general social media platforms include Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn. What are the benefits of social media? Social media provides several benefits, including the following user Visibility social platforms let people easily communicate and exchange ideas or content. Business and product Marketing these platforms enable businesses to quickly publicize their products and services to a broad audience. Businesses can also use social media to maintain a following and test new markets. In some cases, the content created on social media is the product

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Aishani Chatterjee
@Aishani · 0:28
Hey ishap. So, first of all, welcome to Swell. I think this is your first poster, and I think I would love to know what's your personal take on social media, how social media has, you know, impacted your life and how how active you are on the different social media platforms, whether you think they help you in some way or whether you think they become too overwhelming at times. So, yeah, what is your take on social media?
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