Isabella Croston

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in need of true crime recs!

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"…She does a lot of work with victims families too, which is amazing, and is able to get them in her videos to do interviews. And it's so nice being able to hear the family's point of view. And she's just amazing. And she does a great job of thoroughly explaining things, especially things with messy timelines that can get confusing. She does a really good job of keeping it clear. And then another recommendation on there I would have is definitely Daniel Hallen.…"

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Sebastian Cahill

@sebc23 · 3mo ago · 1:56

"…And I feel like it's kind of what helped me get into true crime because it's really easy to understand the way that they tell stories. And one thing I like about them is that it seems like they really work hard to reach out to families before publicizing their stories, which I think is a much more ethical way to do true crime work. And then another one that I really like is called True Crime and that's with Felicia Stanton.…"

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Nick montecalvo

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"…And if you're not a book reader, I don't know if they've done a movie, but I'm sure there's a documentary on it somewhere about that because I live here in Washington State. Anyway, that's my suggestion. And I'm a reader. I like to read books. The YouTube stuff that you mentioned, I'm going to check that out because I like the stuff, too. I think True Crime is so fascinating, so interesting.…"


Isabella Croston

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"…And then if you like the podcasts, kendall Ray actually has a podcast called My I'll Hire with her husband Josh, and they do a lot of true crime on there as well.…"


Isabella Croston

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"…I absolutely love reading. So I'm definitely gonna pick up that book because I have been looking for more books to get into True Crime. I have a couple and I was planning on making some swell about them later. But for right now, I need to get into some more. And yes, I also love Law and Order and it's really interesting to see when they pull true cases and do their own thing on them, it's really interesting to see.…"


Varun Aich

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"…Well, you can travel the Spanish ones. Progress. Probably you only try the English ones. You got to Google for that. Probably you would have that on your phone. So, yeah, you can Google that. Yeah, Spanish ones here.…"

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Welcome to Swell!

chris vitale

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"…They go over pop other serial killers. Also, they go over the most obscure one. They recently did a guy from Long Island that literally killed 17 women in the 60s or seventy s, I believe. But yeah, those are some of my true crime fix for you.…"



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