Irenia Roussel
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Do you miss getting your hair professionally groom?

I love having great hair. Over the years, I've changed my hairstyle so many times, so many times I can't even count during this coveted 19 times. I miss going to the hairdresser getting my hair groomed. What about you? Do you miss having great hair


Deborah Pardes
@DBPardes · 1:02

Oh what a painful subject! #hair #vanity #covid

The hair color stuff is another conversation. I generally do it on my own anyway, when I want to color it. But the cut and the salon and the whole ritual. I miss it terribly. I miss looking in the mirror, liking my hair. I don't like my hair right now. This is going to be a very funny swell. I think so. Thanks for bringing it up. You're so interesting. I love that you're on and let's see what happens. Thanks
Neerja Narayanan
@Neerja · 3:16
I was too lazy to go to an actual hairdresser. I was like, how hard can it be? Well, I found out I took a pair of box cutters, not even scissors, and let's not get sidetracked by the fact that I was a teenager with box cutters and then without looking in the mirror, I cut my hair only I cut my bangs across the middle of my forehead so I look like that guy from Dumb and Dumber
Swell Team
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Welcome to Swell!

Irenia Roussel
@IreniaPodcaster · 1:14
Wow. That's like quite a response. More like TMI. Tmi. Holy cow, this hair story is hilarious. Absolutely hilarious. With my hair, it's pretty hard to comb if it's not processed. So right now, I am in my natural form of hair, which is pretty cool because I haven't wanted like this in quite some time. So it's very interesting to really look at my hair as it is in a natural
Howie Rubin
@Howie · 0:12

No hair cuts

Haven't had a haircut in three months and am looking good and feeling good when I say looking good, nobody has ever accused me of being a Greek God, but love the fact that I don't have to go to the Barber shop
Sudha Varadarajan
@sudha · 0:33
Hey, Irenia, I have become the hair salonist of my house, just gave my son a much needed haircut last weekend. My husband, his haircut and my daughter refuses to come anywhere near me. When I have the scissor in my hand, she doesn't trust me. She's a very wise girl. And I'm yet to take the scissors to myself. Now that I've heard me just talking, I'm going to have to think through this once again
Bowie Rowan
@bowie · 1:22

The hair goddesses have my back (for now) ✨💇🏼‍♀️✨

I have spent the past several months praising the hair goddesses for protecting me from myself. I have a terrible, terrible habit of of emotional do it yourself haircuts. That first began when I was twelve years old, after I saw the remake of The Parent Trap, and I wanted bangs like Lindsay Lohan, and I snuck into the bathroom with my pair of scissors, and it took about a year to grow those bangs out. It was horrifying
@Shaz · 1:31


First of all, I assume all of you guys have a wonderful pampering experience when you go to the hair groomers. While I necessarily don't share the same experience, at least not most of the time. My hair situation is kind of similar to majors, except that I had the hair on my head professionally straightened, so it's a lot more easier to deal with now. So my interaction with the hiring is pretty similar to how there is a talk you have with your parents
Diemetry Animalitus
@Busta · 0:14
I've gone bald during this COLVID crisis. All I can say for myself is now I can wear wigs that makes much better than going to the hairdressers
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