Abhishek Dey
@Iolite · 3:10

How do "Gay men" express love?

So frankly speaking, marriages are not made in heaven, love is. And marriages are also not as pious as we often portray them, just giving it a religious aspect. If they were so pious, then there would be no restrictions on inter caste or inter religious marriages, or there would be any demand for dowry. But this is the reality. So marriage is basically an institution that provides Social Security and rights. It legally safeguards this institution

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Kritika Harshank
@DrK91 · 1:33
Hi Abhijek, thank you so much for sharing your thoughts. And when I saw your title, how to gay men express love, it kind of reminded me of the movie love Simon. It is such a beautiful movie. I know I don't have any rights to say anything regarding same sex love or marriage or anything because I am a heterosexual person. But then you should understand that we there are people who accept this love is love concept
Speaking Buddha
@Vivek.Padalia · 4:19


And I am sure that if we, all of us, everyone will try to put some efforts, will put some effort to make this change, to bring this change. The day is not far, that day is not too much away from us when we will see everyone is very well accepted, very well contributing and be part of the whole ecosystem. Thank you very much for bringing this in our awareness and have a wonderful day