Unsecured Personal Lending - the February numbers, insights and comments.

Now, in terms of demand, we see that applications are down 50% for unsecured loans and 35% for unsecured loans of the credit since March 2020. We see that near prime and subprime borrowers are impacted the most with lender guideline changes and we've seen loan pull through rates down 10% year on year but increasing steadily. Now. On the supply side, we see that bookings are down 65% for unsecured loads and 40% for unsecured lines of credit since March 2020

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Karan Dev
@Karan.Dev · 0:27
Hi, thank you so much for all of those insights and stats. I had one question with regard to the European Union. Are investors looking at the European Union with optimism, and are they generally bullish or are is Brexit and the Coronavirus too strong an impact for things to recover anytime soon. I'd really appreciate it if you could share your outlook for the European Union in the next quarter. Thank you so much