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"India likely to be the dominant force in the aftermath of Ukraine War." Do you agree with this?

But more importantly, I think the crux of this article is really pointing out the clash of civilizations and how the world order is being remade. Incidentally, there's a famous book that I read many years ago called The Clash of Civilizations and the Remaking of the World Order by an American military strategist john Mosheimo, which kind of predicted where the world stands today. So do you think that India's position I have to return to my question from the other day

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And they said, Miss, it's reserved. And I said, don't call me miss. I've been married to Harold for longer than the wind been blowing. But he said, this table is taken. And the family comes in. And they were an Indian family, and they were very nice. They were polite. I didn't have anything to say against them. But I did not know that there was an Indian reservation here in middleburg Tennessee