Karan Dev
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Congress’ begins Kanyakumari to Kashmir march

But it remains to be seen if this is going to have any electoral ramifications or if there are going to be any positive outcomes for the party when it comes to gaining votes in elections. Many people see that this is an attempt for the Congress to relaunch Rahul Gandhi, or it might just be another publicity stunt. But there are many similar marches being organized across the country, albeit not on the scale of this


Sathish Kumar Kandasamy
@SathishK · 2:13

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But it depends on how Rajol performs. It's not just about meeting people in masses, but there should be a right balance between talking about the issues with the BJP government versus the plans that the Congress government has. Okay, so there should be right balance as well. It would become tougher, but hope rogue material handle this
Aditi Kapoor
@MyCuratedTales · 1:28
Whether he will be able to lead it, whether he will be able to in cash on this yatra and be able to make some changes in the party that have not been done till now. And unfortunately, Gulam Nabi Azad also left the party such a senior member. So that Ramification is also there. So yes, truly the eyes are on the Siatra and hoping that the Congress Party revised itself because it is very important to have a strong opposition in a democratic country