Karan Dev
@Karan.Dev · 1:34

Cyrus Mistry dies in car accident; Did you follow the Tata Group’s takeover battle?

I think if you were to look into the dispute between Karan Tata and Cyrus Mystery, which was the infamous battle, I think it raises questions about corporate culture, prioritizing business over personal interests, and many other important debates and topics. I think that Mr. Mystery's death will no doubt be seen upon as one of the most tragic pieces of news this month. But if you did follow the Mystery vs. Tata battle, as it were, I was wondering what you made of it


Binati Sheth
@Binati_Sheth · 5:00

@Karan.Dev It was so obscenely about power and control.

I was getting news from newspapers only. And all the things that I read, even to my stupid image or head, the coverage seemed biased. And I know I'm not exactly answering the question you have posed, but the fact that there was a bias in the coverage of Unarguably, one of the biggest newspapers of the country, it speaks to something