Karan Dev
@Karan.Dev · 2:00

Ukraine-India dialogue: Is Non-Alignment the way to go?

It would seem that countries such as India and others that have a relationship with both Russia and Ukraine might be the ones that could actually bring both countries to the negotiating table. So it would be interesting to see if the Ukrainian president calls upon India and a block of neutral countries to get together and actually create a situation where Russia and Ukraine can have a conversation and end the war. But until then, I'm very curious to know what you think of the nonaligment policy


Aayan B
@aayanisms · 3:06

Centrist Strategists @Karan.Dev

I think it is quite important that we showed up our own resources, our own story, get our act together much before we address the world with the narrative saying that here is what we believe and we'll stick to it come what may. I think those last three things, three words, come what may, is what is the differentiator between the status quo right now and what will be in a few years time