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Gender and representation: In Conversation with Akhil Neelam

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"…When we look at society today and we look at some of the injustices that are rampant around us, I'd say that the most blatant out of all of them is the disregard for the voices and aspirations of women. There is statistical and empirical evidence for this. As we see it. Many argue that the glass ceiling doesn't exist, but we can certainly confirm that gender bias and discrimination against women, specifically in the political system and at work is still very much an everyday reality.…"

Akhil is the director and Co-founder of Center for Gender and Politics


Karan Dev

@Karan.Dev · 8mo ago · 0:20

"…So I wanted to begin by asking you about your journey. You began as a mechanical engineer, which is what you studied, and then you made the transition to public policy. So what got you interested in the space that you're in and the cause of female empowerment and really fighting gender bias.…"

@akhil_neeelam Your journey


Akhil Neelam

@akhil_neeelam · 8mo ago · 3:37

"…A lot of our initiatives are directed towards that direction and adopt an all inclusive approach to dealing with general equality in politics. And therefore we expanded our projects to also include non binary persons as well as men to talk about gender and politics in South Asia. That's how center for Gender Politics was registered and it's born.…"

My journey


Karan Dev

@Karan.Dev · 8mo ago · 0:52

"…It's amazing how that journey around India and working in Delhi and in state capitals kind of made it clear that the political system is the best tool or the best a way for women to sort of realize their voices and sort of create the movement or create the change that we're looking to make. But representation of women in Parliament has increased. But how has this impacted policies? Has this increase in representation in Parliament for women does not necessarily mean that the voices of women are being heard in decision making.…"

@akhil_neeelam women representation and policies


Akhil Neelam

@akhil_neeelam · 8mo ago · 3:26

"…Talking about India current women's representation has increased significantly at the local level in the village and city level and not the Parliament. I think there's close to 40% to 50% women at the grassroots functioning as Graham Sarpunches, Ward members, counselors, etc. This has impacted policy making at the local level so much in the recent past. There is even research evidence to show there's. One research done by a Noble laureate, Esther Duflo.…"

Why we need representation


Karan Dev

@Karan.Dev · 8mo ago · 1:09

"…I did take a look at your Beyond Victim series. And what's commendable is that you're looking at women from not just India, you're looking at women from different from all across South Asia. Right. And, you know, you look at the countries like Pakistan and Afghanistan, for instance. One is what these countries are looked at as aggressive countries which aren't particularly fair to women. But I think Pakistan in particular does have some representation.…"

@akhil_neeelam learnings from South Asia


Akhil Neelam

@akhil_neeelam · 8mo ago · 2:26

"…They're still continuing their work of empowering girls through various capacity building initiatives. So we need to shift our focus to South Asia by talking more, having having more conversations, and creating a positive discourse around gender and politics in South Asian region.…"

Talking about South Asia


Karan Dev

@Karan.Dev · 8mo ago · 1:28

"…Sakhil, before I open this up for questions and comments, I just want to club two questions together. So one is as a think tank to the work that you're doing, there is a big knowledge gap, and I'm guessing that you're trying to make a lot of academic articles codes accessible for people who read mainstream publications. Right.…"

@akhil_neeelam- research gaps and progress so far


Sugandha Singh

@Sugandha · 8mo ago · 0:50

"…I'm glad to see two men talking about gender equality and forwarding the cause of it, given that we have very few men actually contributing and committing to this goal, having said that, but I would really like to know how your role as a man in this sector is important to the work that you're doing around gender equality and how probably the work of other men political leaders could actually contribute to bringing more equity and ensuring our steps towards gender equality in South Asia.…"

Akhil Neelam

@akhil_neeelam · 8mo ago · 4:01

"…And coming to your second question, Karan, I think what's more satisfying, personally to me it seems like an accomplishment is that we were able to Garner a lot of support from many young professionals and students who today form the core of Women for Politics and see Gap. They have been volunteering their time and energy because they believe that I think we were successful in making them realize that it's an important cause to work for.…"

gap we are trying to address and our accomplishments


Samiksha Bharti

@Samiksha_B17 · 8mo ago · 0:03

"…Yea, we'll say.…"

Akhil Neelam

@akhil_neeelam · 8mo ago · 1:41

"…Thank you for your question. I think for me it's both challenging as well as rewarding with respect to my role working on this cause. Challenging because I do I do not have many role models who I can look up to among men working towards this call.…"

the role of men's allyship


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